Why did my trades close automatically? What is the Stop-Loss or Take-Profit and how are they executed?


Please note that your trades might be closed automatically due to Stop Out or when the Stop Loss and/or Take Profit is triggered.

A stop out level is a specific point at which all the active positions are closed automatically because of a decrease in the margin level of the client. In the event that there is insufficient Margin in the Clients Account or in the event that the deposited Margin is not sufficient to meet the required Margin rates, as determined by Viverno, we shall have the right but shall not be obliged to start closing Client’s positions starting from the most unprofitable, when the Margin level is less or equal to 100%. In the case where the margin level is equal to or less than 50%, the client’s positions shall be automatically closed, starting from the most unprofitable, at the market price.

Stop Loss and Take-Profit orders are used to automatically close an open position. With a Stop-Loss, losses should be limited, while the Take-Profit is used to protect profits. Once the market price reaches the Stop-Loss or Take-Profit level, the position is closed at the current available market price. However, with both order types, it cannot be guaranteed that the predetermined exit level will exactly match the actual exit price. If the market price rises or falls above/below the predetermined exit level, higher profits or losses than the desired ones may occur.

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