What are the risks?


Trading Forex/CFDs is highly speculative and can lead to both profits and losses. It is important to understand that if the markets move against you, you could lose all your invested capital. It is therefore crucial that you only invest capital that you can afford to lose and manage your risk and capital properly. Read full Risk Disclosure.

Keep in mind though, that Viverno maintains a “negative balance protection policy” which means you can never lose more than what you have invested.

When it comes to trading Forex/CFDs it is important to remember that the financial markets are highly complex and that there is no such thing as a “single formula to success”. There are many variables that can affect the direction of an asset and it is therefore important to invest time and effort in education. Viverno provides a great number of online webinars, courses and videos on trading. You may also wish to consider trading on a demo account before investing your own capital.

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